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Picture Tagged!
Saw this over on eadwine63's page, so I decided it'd be fun to do the same thing.

Here are the instructions given:

When you read this YOU'RE TAGGED! (but on my LJ it's a "do it if you'd like to do it") Take a picture of you in your current state, no changing your clothes or quickly putting on makeup. No photoshop!

I had just gotten out of the shower, so I'm completely without any makeup or other things I use to make myself look presentable. I hope I don't scare anybody away >.<

I admit to breaking one of the rules for this tag, but I kind of had to -- I couldn't possibly take a picture of myself with what I was wearing (or, uh, NOT wearing, in this case X3)

So uh, yeah, feel free to comment or try out the same thing on your journal!

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You look fine without being all dressed-up ^^ (pun?)

Lol, yeah, very punny X) Though I'm sure I'd get into trouble if I weren't "dressed up" XD

Well, thank you for saying so, but...don't you think I look scary? :3

Edited at 2012-05-16 03:09 am (UTC)

It would be wrong too, not dressed and staring at us (the camera) :P

Nah, you look fresh ^^ (or maybe that's the feel I get coz you said that you just showered XD)

Yup. You wouldn't catch me dead without my clothes on--I don't even let my own family see me without at least a shirt and undergarments on X) And it's been at least eight years now and I've kept that record going strong! ^^

Hahaha, why thank you! XD

You look nice, I like your curly hair, and are your eyes grey? ^^

I'll post this myself too, even though I usually hate taking pics of myself XD

Oh, you really think so? Uh, well thank you ^////^ *still isn't used to compliments*
My eyes are grey in this picture, but they tend to shift between grey, grey-blue, light blue, green-blue, and green on a daily basis. My eyes are weird like that ^^;

Yaaaay! :D Yeah, I usually hate taking pictures of myself too(although I've posted A LOT of pics of myself on this site for some reason...), but I'm sure you'll look just fine. You couldn't possibly look worse than I do right here XP

Can you see the reason why my friends nicknamed me "Tanuki"? X)

Yep, and you're welcome ^^ Wow, really? I think that's so cool! I've always wanted grey/blue eyes~ You're lucky.

Really? (There's something about lj that makes you less shy and reserved about posting pics I think. I posted my first ever online pic here~) Lol, thanks, but I assure you, I can look pretty bad at times XD

Hmm... No, I'm sorry, I can't tell ^^' Why?

Teehee ^-^ Yup, and the funny thing is it usually changes color to compliment the shirt I'm wearing (or maybe I subconsciously pick out clothes to match my eyes...?) And I always wanted brown eyes, like my mother's. Because I look NOTHING like her X3

Yep! (Okay, good, so again I'm not the only one who's noticed this or who's posted their first online pics here) Welcome, but I can assure you that I'll always look worse than your worst. Cameras absolutely hate me XDD

Well then, it's because of the dark bruise-colored bags surrounding my eyes. When they're really bad I look like a panda or a raccoon, but my attitude and the rest of my appearance makes me seem more like a tanuki to my friends XP I usually cover them up with makeup so that's why I look awful in this picture >.<;

That's awesome! I've actually heard of that happening to people with light coloured eyes, it's pretty interesting when you think about it ^^ Oh, really? In that case, I'll trade you XD

(Nope, I guess it's maybe because we tend to post long entries here and get to know each other more than we would on another site?) Lol, I think they hate me too. Oh, have you noticed that how we appear in pics is so different from when we see ourselves in the mirror? It's so annoying XD

Wow, I didn't even notice them at all here! Aw, so know I know the reason behind your nickname :D Nah, you look good to me, and really, I can barely even tell, and that's only after you've mentioned it~

Yeah, it's really interesting. I really wanna know why that happens though...
Lol, I'd trade ya if I could XP

(Hmmmm...Yeah, I think maybe that could be it. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense :D) WHOA YOU NOTICED THIS TOO??! YEAH, I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTICED THIS AND I HATE IT!!! Thank you so much for noticing that, I was worried I was the only one who thought this, or that I was going crazy of something XD I made a theory about that actually, when I was younger, about how the shape of the eye better captures one's true image and how cameras distort that image, and what the mirror shows us is similar to the lenses of our eyes, but change slightly due to the length and width of the mirror, so it's the closest to how we really look. And stuff... X)

Okay, good X) I had gotten a lot of sleep the night before so the shadows are less prominent on my face. Yup, now you know! :D And I added the words "tiny" and "lost" to my nickname in order to create my username -- because I'm very short and am easily lost (in more ways than one XD) Teehee, thanks for thinking so! ^-^ Then I'm glad you didn't notice! :P

There we go again with not being satisfied ^^'

Lol, yeah, and it always bothers me! I look in the mirror and feel I look ok, but then when I take a pic, it's like, "Omg, I look awful, the mirror lied to me D:" That would make sense, and it's cool how you made a theory; I always just wonder but never come up with anything XD I did hear another one though; that supposedly we only see a somewhat distorted reflection in mirrors and that the camera is really how we look to others. Since we only see ourselves in mirrors, we feel we look strange in pics... Though I like your theory better :)

Oh, ok. And yay ^^ Really? How tall are you? And lol, I know what you mean. You're welcome~

Damn you look fiiiine. do you even have to wear make up EVER? xD
and your hair. i'm jealous of your hair. xD lol. I want curls again....

Oh my...well thank you very much O////O Lol, but I'm wearing nothing but a bathrobe in this >.<
Well I prefer not to go out in public without makeup--I need at least cover-up to hide my tanuki-ness X3
Lol, oh no, please don't be jealous X) Having my kind of curly hair is really more trouble than it's worth...
I've always wanted to have straight hair. My hair never stays straight for more than TEN minutes after straightening it...V.V

Edited at 2012-05-17 05:00 pm (UTC)

I guess that every girl with straight hair wants curls and every girl with curls wants straight hair. xD
Although it's easier to curl straight hair than to straighten curls. O_o" sadly. although my curls never last long, except when I get my hair permed first... which ruins your hair. ah well, it's ruined now too, cause I'm bleaching it to my own colour again... -___- going from black to blonde is a pain.

Yep, I think that's how it's always been for so many people. Because we all want what we can't have, right? XD
(well, this thing is possible to fix, but you get my point XP)
Yeah, which deeply upsets me >.< Yeah, perms are awful for your hair! When I was little my mom thought it would be a good idea to perm my already-perfectly-curly hair and...well, it didn't turn out all that well for my hair X) Oh, I bet it is a pain! That's kinda why I'm afraid of ever dying or bleaching my hair--although I live in Florida, the sunshine state, so my hair naturally gets bleached during the summer months :P

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