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Into The Little One's Mind

(Nothin' Too Much Goin' on in Here, Is There?)

Little Tanuki (ask my name and I'll tell you it!)
8 February
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Well, Hello! Welcome to my not-so-impressive LiveJournal. I'm flattered that you're actually curious enough to learn more about me! Thanks ^-^

Let's see..what to say...well, I'm pretty obsessed with music. I consider myself to be very well-rounded when it comes to music. For me--and as for most people who are actually, you know, ALIVE-- music is LIFE: I live and breathe music every single day. Without music I would have no soul...

I know how to play the bass (upright or electric), cello, acoustic guitar, piano, the harmonica, tambourine (yes, it counts!) and drums, and I aspire to to make use of my talents and work towards becoming a great musician and singer. Or a marine biologist. Or an actor. Or a zoologist...meh, I still dunno yet...hey, I'm allowed to be indecisive, I'm a COLLEGE STUDENT!!

Besides music, I am also obsessed with culture and all of the aspects that make them up: history and tradition, architecture, plants and animals, daily life of the people, popular music, foods, language, etc. I'm not your average ignorant American, you see!
I am especially interested in foreign language. I'd like to learn as many languages as I can. Besides English, I'm also fluent in Spanish and Italian and have been attempting to acquire fluency in French. I used to be pretty fluent in Japanese as a kid (my grandpa who traveled the world and had introduced me to my all-time favorite band L'Arc~en~Ciel had taught me how to read and write it) but started to lose a lot of my skills when I started learning the other languages...sigh.

My current obsession (as it has been since I was young) is Japan and everything to do with it. But most especially J-rockers :D if you are reading this profile right now, then you are most likely as obsessed with them as I am ^-^

One of my ambitions (and there aren't too many of them, I'm seriously lacking in ambition because of my nature) is to travel the world, so that I can see what life is really like outside of America. I've been trapped here all of my life so far and would like to be able to say that I've actually left this place for once!

Hmmm...I dunno what else to put in here. Well, my favorite color is blue (specifically cerulean), I like strawberries and hot sauce (sometimes together), I love to go on long walks to just about anywhere, I have pitch-perfect accuracy, I love learning songs in different languages, I've been singing since I was about four, I've had bags under my eyes since I was two, I'm completely blind in my left eye, and I'm severely severely ADHD (like "omg SQUIRREL!!" ADHD XD).

...and I guess that's it.

Feel free to stop by and chat anytime! I get quite lonely all by myself...

My journal is a work in progress because I'm way too lazy to do too much with it. I am also very easily confused. I promise to make it less lame in the future. Though that may never happen because I have NO idea what I'm doing X). Don't expect me to add too terribly much to it...
Well, I hope that we can be friends! 8D

~~Peace and Rainbows~~
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