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...Let's Try This Again
Yeeeeeeah, I've been gone for a LONG time. My bad. More crap came up, and it's a little overwhelming still. I just figured I'd let those few people who still care know that I do still exist. *Shrugs*

I'm back this time, though not in the way I used to be. I most likely won't be writing things in my journal. I'll probably just leave comments on everyone's journals while not adding stuff to my own. Too much stress to think about updating my ANYTHING.

Soooo yeah, that's that ^ ^

P.S. Happy birthday X2 to all of my LJ buddies! I know this is really, REALLY late, but...yeah. Sorry, and happy birthday! ^ ^

...Hellooooo there, people who care! I have returned~! My life has finally gotten back to the point where it's actually somewhat calm! I guess I can say I am officially back on LiveJournal. Yippee~! :D

Soooooooo...yeah. How is everyone lately? It's been MONTHS since I've gotten to sneak back on here and check on things. I suppose the very first thing I should do is browse the journals of all my lovely friends whom I have missed so much during my absence. I'm sure I've missed out on plenty of things... >.>

...Uhhhhhh. Yeah. I can't...really think of much more to say in this post right now. XD I just wanted to say that I am still alive and whatnot, and should start becoming active. But I have a job and stuffs, so I dunno how active I'll be...we'll just have to see! X3 AAaaaand it's off to read everyone's journals~!

(Oh, geez. Why do I suddenly feel like I'm going to have a rambling session sometime soon? .___.)

Hang in There, Baby
So, I haven't been on in an incredibly long amount of time, but I just wanted everyone to know that I am indeed still alive, despite the odds. Though I don't think I'm going to be returning here for a while longer, not until my life has settled down a bit more. A LOT of stuff has happened to me in the past few months, a lot of things that I don't EVER want to happen to me again. Maybe I'll share all of it with you guys once I've officially returned. But like I said, it's A LOT of stuff, and I dunno if I can write it all down...or if I even SHOULD write it all down...

Anyways, yeah, just wanted everyone to know that I'm still hanging on. Be back soon, hopefully.

The L'Arc 30-Day Challenge -- Days 25 and 26
{Oops, forgot to post. I was gonna post this yesterday, but I decided to take a nap in the early evening -- and didn't wake up until the next day >.< So here we go, a little late, but oh well!}

Yesterday was Mother's Day. But at the same time it was also my Welcome Home party and my grandpa's birthday. So there were lots of people and LOTS of cake :3  My best friends and a lot of my cousins, aunts and uncles all came over to the house to celebrate with us. I was very happy to be surrounded by so many of the people I love :)
In a typical Tanuki family fashion, there were mountains upon mountains of food served and a multitude of party games played. We swam a ton and played a lot of pool games. Among these games is the game my family invented called "Silent Stalker", which came about one day when my aunt complained about us being too loud during Marco Polo. I shall explain this game to you:

[Click here to learn how the game works!]
In this, one person is the stalker and everyone else becomes the victims of the stalker. It's pretty similar to Marco Polo except without the whole calling thing; you want to make as little noise as possible. After counting to five underwater, the stalker walks around with their eyes closed and tries to find other people using all their other senses. If the stalker catches somebody, they are given a point, which is a bad thing in this game. When a victim gets a point that person has to do a dive or a cannonball, and then the next round starts. The stalker can get a point themselves if they talk or laugh, and that means that they have to add an extra 2 seconds to the counting time; the stalker can get more than one point in the same round. The next round does not start because of the stalker receiving a point. If a single person gets ten points, that person is out of the current game and has to have their eyes closed in the next game. There are only 25 rounds in every game. The person with the least amount of points at the end is considered the winner of the game and the person with the most becomes the next stalker in the next game.
The entire game takes place in the shallow end, the deep being out of bounds. Anyone caught swimming in the deep end has to sit out for the rest of the game. 

So basically we spent the majority of the night either in the pool or on the patio eating. We all had a lot of fun and I was so happy to be able to see everyone again.
I hope we can have another party like that real soon :D

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The L'Arc 30-Day Challenge -- Day 24
I'm mad at my mom's computer. I've been trying to record myself singing a L'Arc song so that I can show everyone since I'm finally home, but each time I record the dang audio keeps badly lagging and cutting off and stuff. It's extremely frustrating! C'mon technology, I've been waiting forever to finally get to do this! Can't you be nice to me just once?! Sigh...

Alright, time for today's challenge question...

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Picture Tagged!
Saw this over on eadwine63's page, so I decided it'd be fun to do the same thing.

Here are the instructions given:

When you read this YOU'RE TAGGED! (but on my LJ it's a "do it if you'd like to do it") Take a picture of you in your current state, no changing your clothes or quickly putting on makeup. No photoshop!

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The L'Arc 30-Day Challenge -- Day 23
Today was my first full day back home with my family.This afternoon my sis and I were lazing about on the sofa watching some of our favorite murder mystery shows, just like we used to before I left. I really get into shows like these, and it's been so long since I've gotten to watch them, so I'm completely immersed in the show the entire time. I missed it soo much...

While we're watching our show my sister hears our mother calling for us, so she pauses the show we're watching so she can hear what she's saying better-- and at that instant I totally freak out because I had forgotten that it was even possible to do such a thing to live television; the lack of such technology over at my dorm made me forget all about it. I actually jumped a little and let out a tiny squeak of surprise. Wow, I'm pathetic...  >.<

'Kay, Challenge time!

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The L'Arc 30-Day Challenge -- Day 22
Well, I'm finally home after a long semester away. And it's a new home, too, as my family moved into a new house about a month ago  -- like we do every year, because we've never stayed at one house for very long.
I'm not too excited about sharing a room again since I've had so much freedom having my own dorm room, but I think having a swimming pool and a lovely flower garden makes up for that fact :3

Anyways, I took some pictures of my dorm room before I spent the entire night (and therefore didn't sleep a wink) packing everything up.

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Alright, challenge time!

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The L'Arc 30-Day Challenge -- Day 21
Phew, FINALLY done with finals! Yeesh, that took waaaay too long to finish...

Wooooo~ I'm so excited to go home tomorrow! 8D

Click <<here>> for the entries for Day 1 to Day 7

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Day 21 - Your favorite song from Ray
 I absolutely adore Kasou, Sell My Soul, Honey, Ibara no Namida, Snow Drop, and Shinshoku ~lose control~  to pieces and I have a lot of emotional attachment to these songs (and to the entire album, for that matter, if ya haven't noticed already ;D), but I have to choose between them. Sigh...I really don't wanna choose between them...I can't choose between them. But I know I gotta try! If I managed to answer this question for Ark, then I can do it for Ray as well, right?

Okay, so since Ibara no Namida and Snow Drop have already been used as answers to previous questions I can take them out and focus on the songs that are left.

I think...I'm gonna go with Shinshoku on this one. Because I love the odd meters in the song and the overall atmosphere that the song presents (what would you call that atmosphere? Dark? Creepy?). It's really fun to listen to. I probably chose this song because I had just watched them perform it live on their 20th L'Anni concert DVD the other day and I'm continually amazed by the performance.  I think I'm kinda in a Shinshoku-ish mood right now, so I guess that could be another reason for my choice.

...Hmmm, I feel like I've been picking my answers rather impulsively lately... 

Still to come:

Day 22 - Your favorite song from Real 
Day 23 - Your favorite song from Smile 
Day 24 - Your favorite song from Awake 
Day 25 - Your favorite song from Kiss 
Day 26 - Your favorite B-side 
Day 27 - Your favorite P’Unk~en~Ciel’s song 
Day 28 - Some goods you own 
Day 29 - A cover by yourself 
Day 30 - Your “all time” favorite song

the L'Arc 30-Day challenge -- Day 20
Taking my last final tomorrow. Can't wait to finally get it done!

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The L'Arc 30-Day Challenge -- Day 19
Wooo, just one more final and I'm done! And then I get to go home and do nothing but relax! Yippee~! ^-^


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The L'Arc 30-Day Challenge -- Days 17 and 18
Doubling up again because I'm trying to get back on track with the days and also because these questions are much shorter than the others I've answered and don't require as much thought.

So here we are!

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The L'Arc 30-Day Challenge -- Days 15 and 16
Agh, I'm dead. X.X  My exams have murdered me. My body is so weak right now and I'm sore all over from studying and then exam-taking. Ugh. but at least I have a few days' reprieve until my last final.

I've been so busy with my finals that I have been doing nothing but sleeping as soon as I get home, so I missed a couple more days of this challenge. So I'm making up for it now ^-^

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The L'Arc 30-Day Challenge -- Day 14
Look what I have bought from the World Market!

The world tour is slowly affecting what I decide to buy at stores... XD

I've never actually had one of these before. They're very tasty :3

Challenge time!

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FINALS!! + The L'Arc 30-Day Challenge -- Day 13
   Alright, here come the finals! BRING IT! >:3   

So my first two exams are tomorrow, the first at noon and the second at 2:30. I'm nervous but also excited to be getting them out of the way. 

I know a lot of you are also having finals this week and next, so this tanuki wishes all of you the best of luck!

I'm sure you've all been studying hard for finals, right? Like maniacs? 
Who me? Er, of course I've been studying --every single day, in fact *lies*

...Okay, so they don't call me "Last-minute Lynny" for nuthin'... >.< I tend to do a lot of cramming. I know it's totally not good to do that, but it's actually quite effective because I work best under pressure and I remember things better when I'm studying all the information at once. It seems to be less effective for me to spread out studying throughout the weeks, I don't know why, it's weird. But then again I'm weird, soo...yeah. X)

Alrighty guys, work hard! I'll be sending plenty of good luck your way! Don't forget that you need to eat and sleep every once in a while! :)

Challenge time!

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