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The L'Arc 30-Day Challenge -- Day 11
Eeep, finals are next week! I'm pretty nervous right now, there's so much I hafta do still D:

Day 11...yeah... 

Click <<here>> for the entries for Day 1 to Day 7

Day 8 - Something funny (pic, quote, video, etc.)
Well this shouldn't be too hard, considering a band as lulzy and adorkable as Laruku has a BUTT-TON of hilarious things to look at, read, watch, or listen to. One of the great many reasons why I freaking adore this band :D
Now, I promised myself I'd only pick one thing for this, as much as I'd love to go ahead and spam everyone with the funniest things I can find. 

So! Since this whole month I've been in a very marshmallowy mood, I think I'm gonna go ahead and post this vid:

This is where it all started, my friends. 

...Okay I lied, I can't just post ONE. I have to post another one of his MC I'm gonna post the one he did over at MSG,  not only because it's funny, but because ken is sooo damn ador(k)able when he speaks English. Or should I say Kengrish XD

...okay, I'm done ^-^

Day 9 - Your favorite lyric
Oh, but there a lot of lyrics that are my, I hate having to pick just one of them...

...what does it mean when it says for "your favorite lyric" anyway? Does it have to be only one line? Or can it like be a whole chorus? They really need to be more specific with their questions. Or are they doing this on purpose, so that we're allowed to interpret it however we want? :o
Well then, if so I would like to go with the latter, so I'm going to post this as the answer:

Furi sosogu komorebi no youni kimi wo tsutsumu 
Sore wa boku no tsuyoku kawaranu chikai 
Yume nara yume no mamade kamawanai 
Aisuru kagayaki ni afure asue mukau yorokobi wa 
Shinjitsu dakara

English translation (normally I would translate this in my own words, but I'm too tired right now :P):

I will hold you like the rain of sunbeams streaming through the leaves 
That is my vow to you, it will never change.  
If this is just a dream, then let it be a dream. I don't care. 
I will face the loving radiance of tomorrow 
Because I believe in happiness

But if it's supposed to be the former, then I'll go with the last part, the sentence "I will face the loving radiance of tomorrow because I believe in happiness". This sentence describes my way of life exactly--always having hope for a better tomorrow. This whole song really is lovely, one of my top favorites for sure. Sigh, it's just so beautiful...

Ya know, I sang this song to my English professor the other day (who coincidentally is Japanese --but doesn't even know who L'Arc even is! Can you believe that? 80) and she thought this song was absolutely amazing and touching and beautiful. She also commented that I sing in Japanese really well, which makes me feel relieved because I was worried that I sounded horrible to her. You always feel more self-conscious about singing in a different language when it's the audience's first language. So yay for ego boost! :D

I just hope it'll be good enough for L'Arc...

Day 10 - Your favorite concert 

Aw, seriously? My favorite concert? Can't it be favorite concerts? So I don't have to choose just one? One of the biggest factors for a band becoming my favorite is how well they perform live to an audience. And because L'Arc was born to be a live band, the majority of their concerts are absolutely fantastic because they're amazing live. So asking me to choose just one favorite concert is absolutely ridiculous in my mind. Not to mention extremely difficult! >.<

...But of course, I gotta try anyway. Okay so, let's see...Well, I really liked the Grand Cross Tour. I think this was probably the first concert I ever watched (or was it Rock Odyssey...?). And I really loved their 15th L'Anniversary Concert -- especially all of their different outfits, they all looked so lovely! Theater of Kiss was also pretty amazing, with all the special effects and hyde's adorkableness. Plus, it was Alice in Wonderland themed, which made me love the concert even more! OH, and I really really REALLY liked the concerts from L'7 Trans Asia via Paris, because I loved the whole pirate ship thing and the fact that they actually played Eien again. And how hyde kept getting all teary-eyed and emotional when he was singing. I swear he cried A TON during that one particular concert--during Loreley and My Dear  you could see a few tears gathering at the corners of his eyes and you could see a lot of wetness around them during Eien and Forbidden Lover, and then you could actually see a lone tear running down his cheek at the end of Hoshizora. Ahhh~, it was so impossibly beautiful... I swear I cried so much watching it...I just love it when hyde gets all emotional like that. Hyde tears are good for your soul...

...Oh. Well, looking back at what I just typed, I think that the winner of today's challenge might be L'7, the concert they had over at the Osaka Dome. Well then, there ya have it!

Day 11 - A song you want (or had) to listen (listened) [to] in a concert (lol, I edited it a bit)
The wording of this question confused me at first because of the wording ><  But I think I understand what it's asking --I would have phrased it better, but oh well. It was only missing the word "to". 

Oh, well this is easy. Because I've never been to a concert of theirs before, I really, really want to hear them play My Dear L'Acoustic in one of their concerts, like the same way they played a different version of Ibara no Namida or how hyde sings the first part of Jojoushi a capella.
This song is my favorite of their L'Acoustic series. I know they often played the original in the past, but to my knowledge they have never played it L'Acoustically. And hasn't it been a while since they've played it at all? I can't recall them playing it at all this year. Or am I just forgetting? I'm probably forgetting. I've been studying too much and my brain hurts XP

I remember making my sister listen to this song when I first got it. She hates it when I make her listen to my j-rock stuff, but for once she actually didn't complain when I forced her to stay in the room. She said nothing the entire time the song was playing (which is very odd). When the song had ended, she said "well, that was depressing...Please excuse me  while I go cry in the bathroom now." I'd take that as a positive reaction XD

Still to come:

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Day 15 - Your favorite song from Dune 
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Day 17 - Your favorite song from Heavenly 
Day 18 - Your favorite song from True 
Day 19 - Your favorite song from Heart 
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Day 21 - Your favorite song from Ray 
Day 22 - Your favorite song from Real 
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Day 24 - Your favorite song from Awake 
Day 25 - Your favorite song from Kiss 
Day 26 - Your favorite B-side 
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Day 28 - Some goods you own 
Day 29 - A cover by yourself 
Day 30 - Your “all time” favorite song

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L'7 isn't the one where Hyde said fuckfuckfuck many times right? XD I mistake one for the other sometimes.

I thought there was an acoustic version of that song. Don't know if I remember it correctly @_@ Heh, how nice of her to stay until the song ended

Nope, not that one >.< I actually can't remember the name of the concert you're referring to, but I'm pretty sure that was the same concert when the rest of the band pulled a prank on hyde during Heaven's Drive. His face was so damn funny when they did that, and so was Yuki's trollface XD

Eh? Which song?
Yeah,very nice indeed! It made me happy knowing she had allowed me to make her do that ever once in a while instead of always pushing it away, like she used to...

My eyes tend to gloss over words when I'm sleepy then I have to reread them XD I don't remember Yuki's trollface but then I always have my eyes glued on Hyde >.<

I meant My dear, but then you meant live. You must suck her back in!

Hahah, yeah me too sometimes X)
For that part I can remember Yuki wearing a huge grin as he was drumming, while the other two were just acting like nothing was going on at all. It definitely looked like a trollface XD

Oh, okay, yeah >.< And I shall do my best! I shall use any means necessary to bring her to the L'Arc side, where she belongs...

Haha I'll remember to check that out when I watch the concert again :D

Good luck!

Oh, so do you know the name of that particular concert then? :O
I'm still stumped...

Thanks! ^-^ I'm gonna need it...

Edited at 2012-04-29 03:53 pm (UTC)

I only know it has 7 in the name too @_@ Shibuya 7 days, was it?

Oh yeah! That's exactly where it's from!
...I knew that XD

..I was looking for the clip of this lulzy moment so I could put it on my journal, but unfortunately it was deleted off of Youtube...curses! Why Youtube, why?!

Of course you did :P Haven't watched that concert in a while, now that you remind me of it.

Yeah, they delete alot of fun stuff D:

Well damn, I didn't click reply *fail*

:P Yeah, me either...It's really been a while.

they need to STOP deleting all the laruku videos!

Yeah, even the rare videos >.< It's annoying coz when you find something, then you won't find it again later on

Yeah, it's really sad. I've been trying to protect some of the old ones that are left by saving them onto my flash drive so we can insure that the videos at least don't go extinct...

Lol, that's cool, I do that a lot too X)

I would love to hear My Dear live as well, either L'Acoustic or original~ No, they haven't played it since L'7 I think :( I would also love to hear some of their older songs like Taste of love and Anata no Tame ni ^^

Wow, I think your sister liked it ;)

And you like UVERworld too?! I didn't know that :D

Yup, love 'em. They are awesomeness :D I actually like a HELL of a lot of bands--far too many to list as my interests XD You'd be surprised by all the bands I like to listen to:)

LOL, I just rapid-fire posted you XD

Edited at 2012-05-01 04:51 am (UTC)

I'm happy to hear that, I don't run into many UVERworld fans that often <3 Haha, really? I already asked for your faves, but you can list a few more bands for me if you want~

You did! How do you guys reply so fast, I'm so slow XD

Yeah, me either, and it's sad :( Yeah, and do you still wanna hear 'em all? I'm not joking when I say I like a HELLUVA lot of bands XD

Well, this time I just opened up a tab for every one of your comments, wrote my responses to each of them, and then posted them all AT THE SAME TIME. That's what I like to call rapid-fire posting XD I only do that every once in a while. But usually I'm always online so I always post my responses pretty quickly.

Yeah, it really is, they're a great band :( How do you like their lives? :) Ok, 5 more plus the other 15 XD

Lol, omg, no wonder XD That's a cool idea though. And oh, I see, makes sense.

Yup yup :) Oh, I LOVE their lives too ;) Okay, if you're sure. Do you want me to list my top 20 Japanese bands then?

Hehehe, thsnks :3 And I just did it again XD

Edited at 2012-05-15 12:59 am (UTC)

Awesome :D I watched a few of their first lives, and then a little while ago, I watched clips from their live on Christmas last year~ I have always followed them faithfully, but watching those live clips made me realize how much I really like them <3 And I'm gonna buy the dvd as soon as I have money~ I'm trying to save right now since we're thinking there will be quite a few L'Arc releases coming soon ^^' Oh, sure, that sounds good :)

Lol, yeah XD

Yeah, I watched a few lives first, then some interviews and stuff. Ah, yes, the Christmas live :)It's always moments like these, huh :D Oh yes, you should definitely buy it! ^-^
Yeah, I'm saving up a ton of money too, because I'm planning on buying EVERYTHING they come out with this year >:3 I'm sooo excited~

Oh yes, me too, and a ton of random clips too :) I remember I got obssessed with Takuya's beatboxing and showed the video to everyone in my house XD Mm hmm, it was like, I miss them, even though I've never left them, if that makes sense ^^' I will~ Me too, I need all the releases! :D

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