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the L'Arc 30-Day challenge -- Day 20
Taking my last final tomorrow. Can't wait to finally get it done!

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 Day 12 - A song you don't like from them
Hah! I've prepared myself for this one, and I already know the answer to this question. It may sound shocking, but I don't have much difficulty in answering this question. It's waaay easier for me to pick a least favorite than it is to pick a favorite, because there aren't many songs I don't like from them. Less to choose from, see? The songs I don't like from this band is between L'heure and Good-morning Hide. I don't like L'heure very much because there's no hyde in it, just a conversation in French, and that annoys me ( Sure, songs like Larva don't have hyde in it, but it's not supposed to -- it's a transition song into Butterfly's Sleep). But I really don't like Good-morning Hide because, since English is my first language and all, I don't appreciate it when English lyrics are sung in a way that doesn't seem very...well...organized. The flow could be much better, but the problem of the flow doesn't come from the singing --it's really from the lyrics. I can say that I hate the lyrics and still say that I love ALL of the lyrics hyde writes, because in fact it was Sakurawho wrote the lyrics to this song, not hyde. This would explain why the lyrics just don't sit well with me with this song. Although I can appreciate the sentiment behind Sakura's writing of this song for our dear Hide, he just...didn't do a very good job of writing it (Sorry, Sa-chan >.<). hyde writes much better, he's never had any problems with the flow of an English song that I can think of. So yeah, that's my answer to this questions.

...Hah, can't wait to hear everybody else's response to this question once it's their turn to answer XD

 Day 13 - Your favorite PV   
Hmmm, my favorite PV from them...well, it'd definitely be between Blurry Eyes, Link, Good Luck My Way, Jojoushi, and Snow Drop. I actually really like all of their PVs, but for some reason or another these five stuck out for me and I'm trying to remember why...

Well, Blurry Eyes was the first PV I ever saw by them, so of course it's special to me in that regard. It was what led me to fall in love with this fantastic band in the first place. And I love the PV for Link a whole lot because I love the song a whole lot and I felt that the PV went along well with the song.Yes, and also because I love seeing hyde in a mohawk X) And of course Good Luck My Way is very special to me as well. I really liked all the slow-mo parts they used in the PV and how all the colors got brighter and happier at the last part. And I LOVED the boys' hair and outfits in this, they made me very happy. And I really, really loved the PV for Jojoushi (Joujoushi? Jyoujoushi?? Jyoujyoushi???), all the artwork and pictures coming to life and the members standing inside them, and how it seems like each of them is conveying their love to the other members of the band. I really loved how beautiful the concept is.

...But I think I'm going to go with Snow Drop for this. Because I love everything about that cute little song and its cute little PV. And I also thought that cute little blond hyde was the cutest thing EVAR when I first saw his cuteness during that time period. His hair looked to very soft and fluffy and his eyes were so big and round, and he looked so sweet and innocent. So adorable! I just wanna huggle him:)
 ...Oh, and the PV also seemed to fit well with the song itself as well  X)
Yeah, after I saw this PV I became very obsessed with this cute little version of hyde. You don't even wanna know how many times I watched his adorable karaoke to Careless Whisper back then. And all because I thought he was so damn cute :D

 Day 14 - Your favorite album 
Hmmmmmmm...well, a LOT of their albums are my favorite. Man, I really hate having to choose...

Well, I guess that my favorite of favorites are Ark, Ray, Awake, Kiss, and of course Butterfly. I can say that they're my favorite of favorites because of the fact that I adore each and every song on these and I like the flow of the songs on these albums. And these are also the periods of the hyde voice that I like the most, so that's another reason why these four are at the top of the list. They're all pretty much tied for first place in my heart, I don't wanna have to choose between them!

But I have to, so I guess that if I had to choose only one of these albums, I guess my overall favorite would be.......
......hmmmmm, actually I can't really decide between them right now.    >.<

Lol, I guess I'll come back and answer this later.... X)

...Okay, I guess that I'll have to go with Ray. I'm pretty sure that I've listened to this album the most out of the four, the second most probably being Butterfly. As I said in one of the older posts, I really like hyde's Ark-Ray voice a lot and the songs are very cute :3 So that's why I decided to choose this album over the others. 

  Day 15 - Your favorite song from Dune
Ah Dune, how I love thee.
There are so many songs that I love from this album, but the choice for my favorite sing is probably between the songs Floods of Tears, As If in a Dream, and Yokan. They're all such good songs and to me they all really reflect the original style of L'Arc. But I think for this I'm going to go with As If in a Dream. Because it was the first song from Dune that I ever heard, and I fell in love with the song right away. 
The melody of the song haunted me when I first heard it. The guitar part is just so entrancing at the beginning, it completely draws me into the song whenever I hear it.
I can hear it playing in the background of my dreams sometimes...kinda strange, isn't it?

Day 16 - Your favorite song from Tierra 
Well, I already said Blurry Eyes earlier  as an answer in the challenge earlier, and I don't want to repeat songs for the answers to my challenge questions, so for this I'll choose Kaze no Yukue. It's such a beautiful song and I love the lyrics to it. And hyde's vocals are gorgeous (as usual). I nearly started crying when they played this song at 20th L'Anni. Ah, so pretty... :)

Day 17 - Your favorite song from Heavenly
Let's see, from Heavenly I really like the songs Natsu no Yuu-uutsu and And She Said.  But between these two I have to  say that my favorite is definitely Natsu no Yuu-uutsu. In the beginning I actually didn't like this song all that much, but that all changed on the day I heard them perform it live during Are You Ready? 2007.The performance was just so good that I couldn't help falling in love with it and wanting to listen to it over and over again until my computer broke from over-usage. So yeah, Natsu is my favorite song from Heavenly ^-^

Day 18 - Your favorite song from True   
Okay, so from True my favorite is definitely going to be Caress of Venus. It's a fun song that always makes me want to jump around whenever I hear it playing. I fell completely in love with the song the very first time I heard it performed live. It's also one of the songs that connected me to a lot of the fellow L'Arc fans at my university, so I guess I wouldn't have made as many friends here without loving this song ^-^

 Day 19 - Your favorite song from Heart 
So for this I'll say that my favorite songs from Heart are Loreley, Shout at the Devil, Niji, and Anata. It's another difficult decision, as you can see by the songs I've chosen for this, so I'm gonna have to think carefully on this...

Okay, so I've narrowed down the choices to Niji and Anata. You can see how impossible this is going to be X3 They're two absolutely gorgeous songs. I really hate having to choose between them. It's just not fair...
I guess I'll just have to decide a different way...

...Hmmm, well, I think that the song that's been in my head the most nowadays is Anata, so I'll say that Anata is my favorite of these favorites. 
I think that the world tour has really made me love this song even more than ever before. Listening to all the audience members sing along to it during the world tour concerts, all from different countries and languages, uniting their many voices through this one's just so incredibly and indescribably beautiful. I get all teary-eyed when I watch the videos of the songs. You can really feel the L'Ove from the audience...

...Man, what I'd give to be in the crowd lifting my voice right alongside everyone...

Day 20 - Your favorite song from Ark
Agh, and now answering these questions gets difficult again >.< Sigh...
It's obvious that I love Ark to pieces, and I really really love all of the songs on this album--each and every one of them, no joke. I can listen to this album endlessly, for days on end, without getting bored of it in the slightest. In fact, that's all I've been listening to the entire day XD Ah man, why do I gotta choose?! 

Man...Well, I guess that I can start by crossing out the songs I've already chosen for this challenge, like Perfect Blue, I can narrow the choice down to between Forbidden Lover and What is Love. Now, this is difficult because Forbidden Lover has become my favorite song of the world tour, but I really really love What is Love (still don't know why, but I do >.<) and I don't want to have to choose between them.

Um, but I guess I will go with Forbidden Lover after all. For obvious reasons X)

Still to come:

Day 21 - Your favorite song from Ray 
Day 22 - Your favorite song from Real 
Day 23 - Your favorite song from Smile 
Day 24 - Your favorite song from Awake 
Day 25 - Your favorite song from Kiss 
Day 26 - Your favorite B-side 
Day 27 - Your favorite P’Unk~en~Ciel’s song 
Day 28 - Some goods you own 
Day 29 - A cover by yourself 
Day 30 - Your “all time” favorite song

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The Ray-Ark album would be at a top spot for me too <3

I agree with Kaze no Yukue. Don't think I would be able to pick between anata and niji. I have a soft spot for anata since Light My Fire, but niji is niji, you know? ^^;

Hmm wonder which is my favourite on Ark @_@ Don't think it's Forbidden lover though, despite Hyde angsting so perfectly in the PV.

Lol, I just realized that I've been treating Ark and Ray as the same album for some of my questions. I love those two albums so darn much that I've been combining the two of them together so I don't have to choose between them XD But I really love Ark and Ray, they're both at the top spot for me, and I can't choose between them.

Yeah, exaclty. Niji is like, their ANTHEM, you know? I'm starting to feel like I should have picked that song instead, because niji is niji afterall X)

I think that Perfect Blue is prolly my absolute favorite from Ark, but I really don't want to repeat any answers during this challenge, so I chose between Forbidden Lover and What is Love. Before the world tour I would have said that What is Love was my favorite, but because I've heard Forbidden Lover so often and because of all the events you expect to happen during the song I changed my mind >.<.

Edited at 2012-05-11 06:33 pm (UTC)

I sort of see them as the same album sometimes too @_@ Since Grand Cross (my favourite live) features songs from both and they're like released together.

But anata is so pretty~ :P

Like how niji is after the world tour too? ^^ (Since they play it last and all)

Okay, good X3 Oh MAN, I LOVED Grand Cross for that very same reason! It was sooo awesome~!
...Hmmm, why didn't put that concert as my favorite? :/

Oh yes, sooo pretty~ :D

Yes, exactly like that. That's why I feel that it's their anthem ^-^

Grand Cross is mine~ Go get your own concert favourite! *is kidding*

There are other songs that I love more from the world tour too. Especially My Heart Draws A Dream <3

Okay! *looks through concert DVDs* *holds up L'7 DVDs* Found it~

Oh man, My Heart Draws A Dream! Love it~ I was so happy that they continuously played this song for the tour. I also have an ambition to be able to sing along with the crowd during it. Not sure if it's ever gonna happen, but I can still dream >.< All you wolrd tour-goers are soo lucky... >.>

HEART is going to be a tough one for me too, but Anata does have a really special place in my heart ♥

And forbidden lover, another of my faves, especially live~

Isn't Anata just amazing? Can't wait for the day I can finally hear it live ^-^

Yep. I really only started loving that song so much after they performed it live at L'7. Then I gained a lot of appreciation for the song afterwards :)

It is~ And I hope that day comes soon <3

I really started loving it after I looked at the translated lyrics, and then seeing it live just made it one of my faves ^^ I was actually considering whether to sing this song for the fan tribute as well.

Teehee, thanks! You're such a lucky duck for being able to experience it yourself :D

OOh, yeah, that could be a possibility! I also thought of singing it too, but probably not for the tribute...I still don't know what to sing.

You're welcome ^^ And yes, I do feel extremely thankful for that~

Oh, really, how come? Not even as a second choice?

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