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The L'Arc 30-Day Challenge -- Day 22
Well, I'm finally home after a long semester away. And it's a new home, too, as my family moved into a new house about a month ago  -- like we do every year, because we've never stayed at one house for very long.
I'm not too excited about sharing a room again since I've had so much freedom having my own dorm room, but I think having a swimming pool and a lovely flower garden makes up for that fact :3

Anyways, I took some pictures of my dorm room before I spent the entire night (and therefore didn't sleep a wink) packing everything up.

Sorry for the bad quality -- the only thing I can take pictures of things with is my DSi, so they don't look very good.

I'm proud to say that my room had always looked this clean. I was obsessed with cleanliness, especially since I was the only person occupying this room. I took a lot of pride in my cleaning skills :3

The fort is where I slept. Because the sun always shone through the blinds during the day--even when closed--and nobody turned off the hallway lights at night, it made it impossible for me to sleep, so I just used my blankets to keep any light from hitting my face when I'm laying there (I need complete darkness in order to fall asleep).
The bed next to the tent was never used except for when I wanted to play guitar :3

Alright, challenge time!

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Day 21 - Your favorite song from Ray
 I absolutely adore Kasou, Sell My Soul, Honey, Ibara no Namida, Snow Drop, and Shinshoku ~lose control~  to pieces and I have a lot of emotional attachment to these songs (and to the entire album, for that matter, if ya haven't noticed already ;D), but I have to choose between them. Sigh...I really don't wanna choose between them...I can't choose between them. But I know I gotta try! If I managed to answer this question for Ark, then I can do it for Ray as well, right?

Okay, so since Ibara no Namida and Snow Drop have already been used as answers to previous questions I can take them out and focus on the songs that are left.

I think...I'm gonna go with Shinshoku on this one. Because I love the odd meters in the song and the overall atmosphere that the song presents (what would you call that atmosphere? Dark? Creepy?). It's really fun to listen to. I probably chose this song because I had just watched them perform it live on their 20th L'Anni concert DVD the other day and I'm continually amazed by the performance.  I think I'm kinda in a Shinshoku-ish mood right now, so I guess that could be another reason for my choice.

...Hmmm, I feel like I've been picking my answers rather impulsively lately... 

Day 22 - Your favorite song from Real
Hmmm, favorite song from Real......well, it'd have to be between The Nepenthes, Love Flies, A Silent Letter, and Stay Away, for sure. They're all very good songs, although I admit to falling in love with most of them from hearing them be performed in later live performances instead of the album itself -- Actually, I think that goes for a lot of the songs I like. I Didn't like them as much until I experienced the live versions. But whatever, it doesn't matter too much :P

So! I think that I'm going to go with the song A Silent Letter as my favorite. Because it left a very big impression on me when they performed it live, when there are bright lights shining into the tiny mirror ball hyde's holding and then it floats away in the middle of the song. But I actually liked hearing this song from the album first X3

Still to come:

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Day 30 - Your “all time” favorite song

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I was when I was like 2; I went up to the mountains with family, but I don't remember any of it XD It's still closed, it's so annoying ><

I finally did, I watched the 15th L'Anni 2 days ago :D It actually felt a bit strange seeing a dvd again for the first time after seeing the live.

Good idea, I should do that too~

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