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Into The Little One's Mind

(Nothin' Too Much Goin' on in Here, Is There?)

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The L'Arc 30-Day Challenge -- Days 25 and 26
{Oops, forgot to post. I was gonna post this yesterday, but I decided to take a nap in the early evening -- and didn't wake up until the next day >.< So here we go, a little late, but oh well!}

Yesterday was Mother's Day. But at the same time it was also my Welcome Home party and my grandpa's birthday. So there were lots of people and LOTS of cake :3  My best friends and a lot of my cousins, aunts and uncles all came over to the house to celebrate with us. I was very happy to be surrounded by so many of the people I love :)
In a typical Tanuki family fashion, there were mountains upon mountains of food served and a multitude of party games played. We swam a ton and played a lot of pool games. Among these games is the game my family invented called "Silent Stalker", which came about one day when my aunt complained about us being too loud during Marco Polo. I shall explain this game to you:

[Click here to learn how the game works!]
In this, one person is the stalker and everyone else becomes the victims of the stalker. It's pretty similar to Marco Polo except without the whole calling thing; you want to make as little noise as possible. After counting to five underwater, the stalker walks around with their eyes closed and tries to find other people using all their other senses. If the stalker catches somebody, they are given a point, which is a bad thing in this game. When a victim gets a point that person has to do a dive or a cannonball, and then the next round starts. The stalker can get a point themselves if they talk or laugh, and that means that they have to add an extra 2 seconds to the counting time; the stalker can get more than one point in the same round. The next round does not start because of the stalker receiving a point. If a single person gets ten points, that person is out of the current game and has to have their eyes closed in the next game. There are only 25 rounds in every game. The person with the least amount of points at the end is considered the winner of the game and the person with the most becomes the next stalker in the next game.
The entire game takes place in the shallow end, the deep being out of bounds. Anyone caught swimming in the deep end has to sit out for the rest of the game. 

So basically we spent the majority of the night either in the pool or on the patio eating. We all had a lot of fun and I was so happy to be able to see everyone again.
I hope we can have another party like that real soon :D

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Day 21 - Your favorite song from Ray
 I absolutely adore Kasou, Sell My Soul, Honey, Ibara no Namida, Snow Drop, and Shinshoku ~lose control~  to pieces and I have a lot of emotional attachment to these songs (and to the entire album, for that matter, if ya haven't noticed already ;D), but I have to choose between them. Sigh...I really don't wanna choose between them...I can't choose between them. But I know I gotta try! If I managed to answer this question for Ark, then I can do it for Ray as well, right?

Okay, so since Ibara no Namida and Snow Drop have already been used as answers to previous questions I can take them out and focus on the songs that are left.

I think...I'm gonna go with Shinshoku on this one. Because I love the odd meters in the song and the overall atmosphere that the song presents (what would you call that atmosphere? Dark? Creepy?). It's really fun to listen to. I probably chose this song because I had just watched them perform it live on their 20th L'Anni concert DVD the other day and I'm continually amazed by the performance.  I think I'm kinda in a Shinshoku-ish mood right now, so I guess that could be another reason for my choice.

...Hmmm, I feel like I've been picking my answers rather impulsively lately...   

Day 22 - Your favorite song from Real
Hmmm, favorite song from Real......well, it'd have to be between The Nepenthes, Love Flies, A Silent Letter, and Stay Away, for sure. They're all very good songs, although I admit to falling in love with most of them from hearing them be performed in later live performances instead of the album itself -- Actually, I think that goes for a lot of the songs I like. I Didn't like them as much until I experienced the live versions. But whatever, it doesn't matter too much :P

So! I think that I'm going to go with the song A Silent Letter as my favorite. Because it left a very big impression on me when they performed it live, when there are bright lights shining into the tiny mirror ball hyde's holding and then it floats away in the middle of the song. Awesomeness! But I actually liked hearing this song from the album first X3

Day 23 - Your favorite song from Smile  
 I think it's gonna have to be Lover Boy, because I met my closest friends -- who also happened to be Laruku fans -- through the shared love of this song.
We were all sitting in my friend's dorm room, chilling out and playing on our computers, when my friend says, "man, I really want to listen to Lover Boy right now..." and all the other people in the room nod and voice their agreement. Upon hearing this I instantly glance up at him from my laptop and say "from who?", and he goes, "you know, from that band L'Arc~en~Ciel? I love that song".

And then I proceed to glomp him X3
Oh, how awesome it feels to learn that your new acquaintances are fans of L'Arc. I will never forget that day... 

So yeah, Lover Boy is my favorite because of that day :D

Day 24 - Your favorite song from Awake
Heh, this one is so easy. It has to be Trust for me. And the reason why is just like a lot of the others: I have a particular memory associated with this song. And quite the beautiful one, too.

You see, I had just bought the whole album on iTunes and was very excited about it. I couldn't wait to listen to the songs on it but I really wanted to be alone for this, so I take my iPod and headphones and run out of the house and dash into the forest (which was only about 30 feet from our back porch) over to the tiny clearing I often go to in order to be by myself. It's about 8 o'clock at night and already completely dark outside, but the lights from the sky are pretty bright so I can see where I'm going, and so I plop myself into the middle of the clearing and put in my headphones. The entirety of the sky above the clearing is completely cloudless and dotted with the bright white of millions of tiny stars, the moon resting a couple of feet above the tops of the surrounding trees. I stare at the sky contentedly, the excitement fluttering and growing inside me, until I can no longer wait any more and decide that it's time to take a listen to my new songs.
Now, usually I listen to the songs of a new album in order, but for some reason I decide to pick a random song to start off instead. I decide on listening first to the song titled "Trust", and so I lay down, put the iPod beside me, choose the song, and press play. And as soon as I hear the quiet bass boom and the slight dissonance of the guitar I'm slowly eased into a deep trance; I just lay there and stare up at the sky, which seems to get brighter and brighter as the song continues on. As I listen on, a strange feeling of what I can only describe as awe begins to overwhelm me and I try to shake the sudden urge to start giggling at the strange bubbling up of emotions inside of me. At one point I even almost cry, which was weird because I'm not used to feeling like that. The emotions the song was evoking in me are just incredible.
When the song finally ends I press pause and stare up into the shining sky for a bit. I wonder about the message the song was delivering through the music and lyrics. And then I decide that I want to hear it again and restart the song. I do this a couple more times until I eventually decide to continue listening to the rest of the songs. I already knew that my favorite song was going to be Trust.

So now every time I listen to this song I'm instantly taken back to the clearing where I first listened to it, the feelings rushing back to me like they always do.  

Day 25 - Your favorite song from Kiss
Hmmmm...favorite song from Kiss......well, I really like them all, but I know that's not an option, so I'm gonna hafta figure out which I like the most.

Hmm, well I definitely love My Heart Draws a Dream, Alone en la Vida, Link, Pretty Girl, Seventh Heaven,  Daybreak's Bell, Spiral, Yuki no Ashiato, Sunadokei, The Black Rose and Umibe...oh, wait, isn't that nearly all of them? Craaaap >.< Okay, let's try that again...Well, I can take out Pretty Girl because that was an answer to a previous question...so let's go with either...Alone en la Vida, Link, or Umibe. Those are the songs I've listened to the most on my iPod from the album.
Agh, but it's still difficult! I need to think of another way to choose...*ponders*

...Ah, okay, I got it! So I'm gonna go with Umibe, because it was the very first song I'd ever heard that came from Kiss. I heard it from when they performed it during Theater of Kiss, but only as the audio unaccompanied by the video footage of the actual performance -- I watched the actual Theater of Kiss DVD a few weeks after hearing it. 
But I must say that Umibe is a totally awesome song. I really love how powerful Hyde's vocals were during the live performance--there's just such a wide range of emotions in his voice as he's singing the song. I was really excited to see what his face looked like when he was singing it, because I'd been picturing what he'd look like when I would listen to the audio and I really wanted to see it for myself. I fell even more deeply in love with him after I finally saw it. He was so gorgeous... <3 <3

Day 26 - Your favorite B-side
Errrr......what're B-sides again? Besides the P'Unk~en~Ciel songs, I mean?


...*goes onto Wikipedia*

......Got it! So they're songs like Metropolis, Yasouka, Brilliant Years, Anata no Tame ni, I'm So Happy, Sayounara, Sai wa Nagerareta, The Ghost in My Room, Peeping Tom, A Swell in the Sun, Finale, Hole (the only song I still haven't listened to yet), Get Out from the Shell, Ready Steady Go(the Ken, Tetsu, and Yukihiro Readies), Accident, Insanity, Dark in My Life, From Hell (Hidden Track), Bless-Concerto-, and all the Hydeless and L'Acoustic versions of songs. 

Oksy, so I really like the B-sides Yasouka, Metropolis, Peeping Tom, The Ghost in My Room, Ready Steady Go(Ken Ready), Bless-Concerto-, and My Dear L'Acoustic Version. Narrowing them down a bit, and removing My Dear due to prior usage in the challenge, I have Metropolis, Peeping Tom, and Ready Steady Go(Ken Ready) to choose from.

Okay, so I'm going to go ahead and pick Metropolis. I'm sure that some of you reading this already knew that this would obviously be the song I'd choose for this question. But can you blame me? I love this song for many reasons (15th L'Anni, anybody? :P)

Still to come:

Day 27 - Your favorite P’Unk~en~Ciel’s song 
Day 28 - Some goods you own 
Day 29 - A cover by yourself 
Day 30 - Your “all time” favorite song

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I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't have Metropolis as a favourite ^^; Listening to umibe makes me feel despaired, but in a good way (don't know how to put it XD)

I originally didn't like Metropolis too much until I saw it performed at their 15th L'Anniversary -- and I think it mostly had to do with what Hyde was wearing while singing it X)I was originally planning on putting Ready Steady Go (Ken Ready) as my favorite song (becausde ken is soo ador(k)able in this), but because I suddently started missing that song so much and because they played it at the Yokohama stop, I suddenly changed my mind ^^;

Oh, yeah! I see what you mean! Now that I think about it, that's how it makes me feel too. I just didn't know what to call it exactly... >.<;

Edited at 2012-05-17 02:21 pm (UTC)

That weekend sure sounds like it was tons of fun! Family, pool time, and food, what else could you ask for? ;D Oh, tell your granpa happy belated birthday from me~

Lol, this is the absolute best time for your fave icon XD I really like metropolis too, and THE GHOST IN MY ROOM, I'm so happy, and Anata no Tame ^^ Accident, Insanity, Dark in My Life, From Hell (Hidden Track) Omg, which songs are these? I've never heard of them D:

Teehee, thanks, it was ^-^ Hmmmm...bouncy castles maybe? XD
I did, and he says "why thank you...random internet person" XD Lol, silly gimpa...

It is, it is, *stares and drools* I looove THE GHOST IN MY ROOM too--it's such a cute song~ I especially loved it when they performed it live during Grand Cross~
Oh, and those tracks are all D'Ark~en~Ciel songs. You know, the predecessor of P'Unk~en~Ciel? They're considered B-Sides too ^-^

True, those are always lots of fun :D Lol, I'm a random internet person XD

It is ^^ I liked it there too, but my fave is the performance of it in Reincarnation~ Oh, ok, I thought they were for a sec, but then panic took over and I was like, "Omg, what if they're really some songs I don't know?!" Thanks for clearing that up for me :)

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