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The L'Arc 30-Day Challenge -- Day 7
{lol, whoops, looks like I accidentally put this entry as private, but don't worry, I fixed it (obviously)}

Today was Peanut Butter and Jelly Day! Yaaaaay! So in the commons today they set up a PB +J bar where they make you a sandwich and you get to choose what spreads to put on it and which breads to put it on. Because I love sandwiches (and harassing my co-workers by making complicated orders :P)  so much, I decided to invent my own sandwich: The Tanuki's Tasty Surprise! This is made with two toasted slices of whole wheat bread and four different spreads: creamy peanut butter, almond butter, nutella, and marshmallow creme. Each slice of toast will have two different spreads on it -- one slice combines half-peanut butter and half-almond butter, and the other slice half-nutella and half marshmallow creme. You then cut up a banana into round little pieces and put them evenly on the inside of each slice. Add some bits of granola on the inside to give it some crunchiness and BAM! You got your self Tanuki's Tasty Surprise. Trust me, it's absolutely delicious :D

And now for day 7 of the challenge!

Day 1 - Your favorite group picture 
this question is extremely hard to answer, but I guess I'll have to go with this one, 'cuz they all look so lovely here:

See? Gorgeous! X3 

Day 2 - First song you heard from them
this would definitely be "BLURRY EYES". I remember the memory so clearly that there's no mistaking it: 
  I was eight years old at the time, and I had been dropped off at my grandparent's house to sleep over. My grandpa had just come back from an extended stay over in Japan--he loved to travel to different countries a lot, you see. The day before he returned he had gone to a concert of one of his favorite Japanese bands. I was really interested in learning why he liked this band so much, so I asked him to show me one of their songs. So, he got onto his computer in his side office and pulled up a video for me. This was the video to "BLURRY EYES". At first I was very confused because the singer before me looked just like a woman, but the voice that came out of this slender body was so masculine in comparison that it actually startled me! When the video ended I went silent. Then I turned to my grampa beside me and shouted, "Is that my MOTHER?!", and at hearing that question he just burst out laughing. Well, in my defense I had just recently seen a photo of my mother when she was eighteen years old, and he looked EXACTLY like her --the curly hair and the big fudge-colored eyes especially.That photo of her was still very clear in my mind.
Needless to say, I was very very confused XD

After that point I was convinced for a good while that my mother was leading a double life over in Japan. But her lack of ability to understand what I was saying to her when I spoke Japanese eventually convinced me otherwise...

Seriously, look at this! Don't tell me that as a child you wouldn't be thoroughly confused by this too! 

Day 3 - Your favorite member
[To Save You from Having to Look at This Massive Chunk of Text]

Agh! You mean, I hafta choose?! But, but... I LOVE THEM ALL  D: You can't just expect me to...
Oh boy...I really don't like picking favorites--I've never been good at it, since I'm always so dang indecisive. Yep, this is gonna be fun...

  Ah, so let's see...well, you know, it was hyde that originally attracted me to the group in the first place. As a kid I was extremely sensitive to the voices of other people (especially when watching TV shows. Like, I knew immediately when they changed the actor for Barney because of his voice, and nobody believed me until they looked it up and saw for themselves. I felt very proud of myself~), so the quality of his voice, the raw power and emotion, drew me into their music immediately. It was thanks to hyde's influence that I worked so hard to become a singer (man, I wish I owned a video camera so that I could record myself singing and show some proof of my vocal prowess). He's our gorgeous little princess, always stunning us with his beauty and voice. Plus, he's freaking adorable on top of all that. Well, he's definitely my favoritevocalist, hands down on that one. 
  But what about tetsuya! Ah Leader-san, our genki bouncing banana-lover. There's a lot to love about this man. He has the ability to make everyone smile with a flash of his own shining smile. His boundless energy and god-like bass skills never cease to amaze and enthuse. He's the kind of guy that makes wearing pink look totally awesome. I honestly wouldn't like the color pink much had he not worn it so much.You know, it was tetsuya who instilled in me a passion for playing the bass, and that passion got me into playing here at Stetson University. Although I also did get into here through my singing abilities,
  Oh, and ken! I really really liked his style of playing growing up, and he was also the reason why I had saved up all of my allowance so that I could buy my very first electric guitar (it was black and white and the guitar brand was called "Lyon"). Lol, he's such a perv! XD But GAWD I love him for it. How could you possiblymake it through a live without a dirty ken MC? And his guitargasm face... 8D Ah, he's just so adorkable, just like the rest of his lovely bandmates. There's a lot to love when it comes to ken, too...
  And yuki! Alas, I cannot say that he was the reason why I wanted to learn how to play drums :( Man, he always seemed so mysterious to me, 'cuz he didn't really talk much, you know? I had a hard time figuring him out for some reason, but once I finally did I found him to be totally adorable! He has such a wonderful, amazing smile--you know, when he actually does smile :P A cute little android. I admire him for his ultra-super-awesome jackhammer drumming skills. I wish I had half the stamina he has. Yeah, yuki is awesome, too (although I'm still too scared to listen to his music--not because it's bad, but because I decided to listen to his songs for the first time in the middle of the night after watching a horror movie, and I still haven't recovered from it quite yet...)

...if someone had asked me this question when I was younger I would've said that my favorite was hyde without any hesitation, but since I've been growing alongside the band these past eleven years they've all grown on me and hold equal positions in my heart. It pains me to have to attempt to choose between them... 

~~~~~ (an hour later, no joke)~~~~~

Okay! So I saved this and came back to come up with my answer to this evil question...

...and the answer is tetsuya. 
Yes yes, I KNOW that I'm a true hydeist at heart and it's obvious to everyone who knows me that I'm absolutely infatuated with him and worship every single thing the man does. But the magic 8-ball never lies! NEVER LIES, I TELL YOU! >:3

...hey, don't look at me like that!  

Day 4 - Your favorite song by Hyde
Hmmmm...okay, so maybe this won't be so easy X)  But at least this one'll be much shorter!
Gee, I really like a good amount of songs by him. It's kinda hard to pick just one. But for the sake of this challenge I shall do my best to decide between them. No loopholes for this tanuki!
Okay, so it's going to be between the songs Seventh Heaven, Honey, Hurry Xmas, Bless, The Black Rose, My Dear, Ophelia, Hoshizora, Sell My Soul, Eien, Ibara no Namida, Loreley, and XXX...

...yeah, I'll come back to this one too XD

~~~~~(half an hour later)~~~~~

Okay! So I chose my favorite hyde song of all-time to be Ibara no Namida. I was originally going to pick Honey, 'cuz it was the first song I actually learned the lyrics to completely and even learned how to play on the guitar, but I suddenly changed my mind. It just kept playing in my head continuously as I was pondering on which song to pick. It's really hard to explain, but this song just resonates with me in such a special way, and I really can't ignore that. I heard it for the first time on the DVD of their Are You Ready? 2007 concert (from the Five Lives Archive 2, I think.You know, the one that was outside?) and I loved it so much -- you could say it was the song that had the biggest impact on me during that concert. It was the atmosphere created by the song that really captivated me...

So there!  I finally decided on one. That took forever :P

Day 5 - Your favorite song by ken
Aggghhh! This is difficult to answer too! I thought that this would get easier...

So let's see, the songs I like by ken...well, I'd somehow have to choose between the songs As if in a Dream, Yokan, Kaze no Yukue, White Feathers, Garasu Dama, Caress of Venus, The Fourth Avenue Cafe, Lies and Truth, Shout at the Devil, Niji, Forbidden Lover, Butterfly's Sleep, Shinjitsu to Gensou to, It's the End, Kasou, Shinshoku~Lose Control~, The Nepenthes, A Silent Letter, Kuchizuke, Lover Boy, Lost Heaven, Jojoushi, Twinkle Twinkle, Pretty Girl, Alone en la Vida, Wild Flower,  and Mirai Sekai (yipes, that's a lot)

Sigh, there's just no way I can narrow the choices down...

Oh, wait wait WAIT! I know how to make this easier on me! Let's only choose between the songs that are ENTIRELY made by ken. Not just the music, but the lyrics as well. That means I'd only have to choose between the songs Lover Boy, Twinkle Twinkle, and Pretty Girl. But that's still hard to do because I also love all three of these songs to pieces. 

Ummm...I think...I'll have to go with...Pretty Girl. Because the lyrics amuse me and I love to hear the song live. And I know this is supposed to be about ken, but I also love the way hyde dances during this song :P

Boo yah.

Day 6 - Your favorite song by tetsu(ya)
Again with the super difficult questions! >.<

So let's see, my favorite songs by Leader-san, the almighty pink banana-lover... Well, the songs I really like from him are Floods of Tears, Dune, Blurry Eyes, Dearest Love, Anata, Dive to Blue, What is Love, Pieces, Snow Drop, Stay Away, Hitomi no Jyuunin, Trust, Jiyuu e no Shoutai, Umibe, Link, Bye Bye, Good Luck My Way, Shine, Nexus 4. I think I'm gonna use the same method I used for ken's question to answer this one as well  >.<. So of the songs listed, the ones that are 100% tetsuya are Perfect Blue, Bravery, Time Goes On, and Sunadokei. I can narrow these choices down to Perfect Blue and Sunadokei, because these are songs from two of my favorite laruku albums, Ark and Kiss.

After pondering for a bit, I have decided that the winning song for today's challenge is...Perfect Blue! Because it's such a cute song :3  And I love listening to it whenever I'm sitting by the pool, or when I'm at the beach relaxing in the sand (the only reason why I LOVE living in the sunshine state ). I just love the atmosphere that the music makes, it's so relaxing and happy and, I dunno, tropical-sounding? XD I feel very content whenever I'm listening to it. Plus I really like hyde's Ark voice, it brings back a lot of neat memories for me :)

...I feel like that question was a lot easier than the last couple of questions I've answered >.<

Day 7 - Your favorite song by yukihiro
Well, this question's gonna be considerably easier than the past questions so far. But that's because yuki hasn't really written a lot of songs, not because I don't like his songs >.<

My favorite yuki songs are Get Out from the Shell, Revelation, New World, Spiral, and Shade of Season. Now, if I had done this challenge before Butterfly I would have said that my favorite out of these favorites is Spiral, but now that it is out my answer is definitely gonna be Shade of Season. I really like this song because of the beginning part and ken's style of guitar playing in this song. And you know that part in the song where hyde sings the lines "this flower's slowly dying" and "the time is never ending" and "the season's still repeating", you know, the parts behind the "round and round and round" part ? I really like that part. XD His voice sounds really cool all falsetto and autotuned and stuff. It may sound weird, but that part is my favorite part of the song...x)

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The Tanuki's Tasty Surprise has marshmallow and banana! :O *mind wanders* It sounds nice though haha ^^ PB & jelly gets pretty addictive. I wanna celebrate food days here.

Ah Perfect Blue. I love the Grand Cross version. It felt so... relaxing <3

...Oh, no! Lol, I didn't even THINK of that when I was making the sandwich > < Marshmallow and banana...lulz, now I can't even think of my sandwich the same way anymore...
PB +J was my favorite food for the longest time, but it has been replaced with spicy chili. We have a TON of food days here, like taste of south beach, taste of the carribbean, and we even had a candy event called Wonkaland! They went ALL OUT for that one. It was so beautiful...

Yeah, I really liked it when they played it during Grand Cross. Sigh, I can't wait for summer so that I can relax all day...
Except for when I'm called in to work X(

I'm sorry o.o *rewinds time so as not to spoil the tanuki sandwich*
Wonkaland sounds awesome. I need to be there lol.

Summer isn't too far off fortunately ^^

Lol, no, it's okay. It just makes my sandwich relevant to L'Arc now XD

Oh my GAWD, you should have been there! There was sooo much candy and cakes and chocolates and cupcakes and fondue fountains and stuff. They even decorated the ENTIRE commons to look like the chocolate factory, with gummy bear and lollipop trees and giant mushrooms everywhere, and a chocolate waterfall (fake, of course) and a wooden model of the boat that they took on the chocolate stream. And even some of the employees were dressed like characters from the movie and handed out wonka bars to people. They'd also give you a golden ticket that awarded you random free stuff if you correctly answer movie trivia. AHHHH, it was soooo cool!

I know, and I'm sooo excited 8D

That sandwhich sounds delicious~ I was already hungry and now I'm drooling XD

Omg, same here! My fave Yuki song is shade of season too, and I love the ""this flower's slowly dying", "the time is never ending" and "the season's still repeating" parts <3

It WAS delicious! And I'm glad you think so ^-^
Lol, and now I'm suddenly craving this sandwich again...XD

Omg, really? Cool! Yaaaaay, we think alike! Shade of season is such an AWESOME song 8D

...huh? Wait, how did you italicize in your post? I have no idea how to do that. 80

I think I'm gonna make one once we get all the ingredients; it sounds too yummy not to try ^^

Yeah, I didn't know anyone else liked those parts so much~ Yeah, it and wild flower are my faves from BUTTERFLY <3

Oh, you add to the beginning and to the ending of a word :)

Ugh, ok it italized again without showing you how ^^' You add < i > and < / i > without the spaces between the < > and i's.

Me too, because I just recently ran out of marshmallow creme and now I have to go get more X0

Yeah, me neither! Love it! And what a coincidence! Wild Flower is also my other fave from BUTTERFLY ^-^

Lol XD okay, lemme try it out now...

... marshmallows!!

...did it work?

Hope you get some soon then!

Wow, are you serious? We seem to have quite a bit in common ^^

Yep, it worked~

Oh it did work! Yesssssss!

Wooo~, now I don't have to write everything in caps anymore! Thanks a bunch! *huggles*

Edited at 2012-04-30 06:08 am (UTC)

You're very welcome <3

You can also do other things like underline , center
, bold , and scratch through :)

Ok, total html fail, I forgot the spaces XD

< u > underline, < center >, < b > bold , and < del > strike through.

Lulz again XDD


I can do stuffz

Yaaay, thanks ^-^


You're welcome, glad to help :)

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